Application Engineering & Consulting

The DIMER Application Engineering and Consulting Project Team helps to find the right sealing solution for specific customer projects.

The technical team by DIMER's technical team is available for solving problems when and where the need arises. This includes the selection of adequate gasket material, consulting and assistance in designing and installing gaskets in critical applications to ensure that gaskets are properly mounted, and offering application recommendations.

Plant analysis – Standardization strategies – Monitoring

After establishing and analyzing all of the installed seals in a system, we develop standardization concepts based on the as-is status. The results we strive for are to reduce the number of seal types, sizes and materials used, and to improve the plant performance of the system. We advise you on codes of practice and statutory regulations, and indicate what actions need to be taken.

Analysis of failures and bad actors – Diagnostics – Application testing

A team of seal specialists is responsible for rectifying process malfunctions or “bad actors”. The latest methods such as thermography or data logging are used for diagnosing critical items for the operation of the plant and for defining measures to resolve them.