Industrial gaskets

Industrial gaskets and sealing products are widely used throughout the mining, oil and gas, refining, electronic, pipeline, water treatment and petro-chemical industries including a wide range of general engineering applications.

Dimer Group Industrial gasket

DIMER manufactures and supplies variety of high quality industrial gaskets, produced with the latest technology in the manufacture of gaskets and seals.  DIMER Industrial gaskets product range : 

Non-metallic gaskets 

  • Flange gaskets made of compressed fibre sheets, graphite, PTFE , mica or elastomers
  • PTFE enveloped gaskets

Semi-metallic gaskets

  • Spiral wound gaskets
  • Grooved (Camprofile) gaskets
  • Corrugated metal gaskets
  • Double jacketed gaskets

Metal gaskets

  • Ring joint gaskets