Sliding bearings

Self-lubricating bushings do not require lubrication or other maintenance. Are maintenance-free and without any operating costs that is ideal for applications that require high resistance to wear and tear even at high loads and high speeds. P/M self-lubricating bushings are pressed from a mixture of metal powder and hydrophilic ingredients that, when combined, sintering, and get the required properties and exact dimensions. When the finishing touches are housing impregnována against corrosion and weathering. Size and choice of material bushings is determined depending on the load and speed of the displacement, or rotation.


  • Dimensions: a complete range of standard sizes, custom sizes.
  • Material: bronze, steel, pressed powder filled lubrikačními ingredients or special impregnation (food-borne).
  • Profile: cylindrical or flange, the possibility of special profiles.

On special request, is possible to produce self-lubricating bushings with another profile and composition of the material