PTFE enveloped gaskets

An insertion is made from a soft material, corrugated stainless steel or rubber and then enveloped with virgin PTFE. PTFE enveloped gaskets are used for flange joints where extreme chemical resistance is required. Gaskets have good pressure stability under different applications. 

DIMER_Industrial gaskets_PTFE enveloped

The main properties are the following :

  • good chemical resistance to different media withstand temperature
  • temperature resistance up to 250°C
  • low friction coefficient
  • non adhesive surface
  • very good electrical insulation and low thermal conductivity

Gaskets could be supplied in several shapes and constructions, however it depends on the flange specifics or customer request. The combination of different types of cores makes PTFE enveloped gaskets widely applicable.

Gaskets with external diameter of up to 500 mm are one piece construction, while gaskets with bigger diameters are welded. The thickness of PTFE enveloped gaskets is usually 0.5mm, but can be also thicker. Gaskets are available in different profiles and shapes.


  • EG 02                   
  • EG 04                   
  • EG 05                   
  • EG 06                   
  • EG 08                   
  • EG 10                   
  • EG 12                   
  • EG 13                   
  • EG 14                   
  • EG 16                   
  • EG 22                   
  • EG 32                   
  • EG 34                   


One-piece gaskets are made up to an external diameter of 500 mm, gaskets with diameters greaters than 500 mm are welded.