Non-metalic flat flange gaskets

Non-metallic flat gaskets are the most typical static gaskets. They are used in large number by various industries and in a variety of applications, especially when low and medium sealing conditions are applied..

DIMER_Industrial gasket_Non-metallic flat flang

Flat-flange gaskets are produced in several sizes according to standard or customer design. Gaskets of up to 1,500 mm x 1,500 mm are made from one piece, while larger ones are assembled from segments.


Most common used gasket materials are compressed fibre sheets, expanded graphite, PTFE, mica and elastomeric materials.


Standard gaskets are mostly made according to EN 1514-1, ANSI B16.21 or other standards. Gaskets of dimensions up to 1.500 mm x 1.500 mm are made as one-piece, while larger ones are assembled from segments. There is no special limit for metal eyeleted gaskets.