Gland packings

The gland packings is an exceptionally reliable fluid sealing device that is simple to install and maintain. Not only it is highly versatile, but also remarkably cost effective in both plant downtime and materials – especially when compared to complex alternatives.


We offer a wide range of packings that are used for sealing rotating parts in devices, such as for example pumps and valves. We therefore bring you one of the widest ranges of packings to match the temperatures, pressures and speeds of your most modern fluid handling systems, and economical packings for your older plant. 

DIMERPACK products are made of high quality materials in different combinations and impregnations. To produce packings, we use both natural (cotton) and synthetic materials (glass, aramid, acrylic, PTFE, PTFE/graphite, graphite fibres). They are supplied in square section  from 3mm to 25mm as standard, other sizes are available on request.