Semi finished products from PTFE

Dimer offers various products made of high quality PTFE semi-finished products. PTFE is a high quality organic material with the following characteristics: excellent chemical stability in the pH range from 0 to 14, temperature resistence up to 250°C, durability and superior gas permeability. PTFE products may be extruded or pressed in the shape of sheets, foils, rods or pipes.


DIMER_Gasket materials_DIMERFLON


A special molecular structure determines a series of chemical and physical characteristics which are of great interest in the industrial field:

  • superior chemical resistance (except for alkaline metals in melted state and fluorine)
  • biocompatibility and suitability on contact with foodstuffs (FDA Certificate)
  • non-sticking (but with the possibility of making the product adhesive using the correct treatment)
  • extremely low friction coefficient
  • excellent electrical insulation
  • ecellent resistance to ageing (even under UV rays)
  • non-inflammable
  • excellent tool workability

Because of their excellent chemical resistance, PTFE sealants and sealing elements are used in various industries.


  • DIMERFLON 20  – virgin PTFE material in form of sheets, tubes, rods