QMS – Quality Management System

The main objective of the DIMER Group companies is to continue catering to requirements and exceeding the expectations of our customers as well as to systematically increase the level of their satisfaction. This allows us to retain our customer base as well as to grow and make progress together with the development of their business, while at the same time acquiring new customers and, in this way, ensuring long-term business performance and continuous progress by our company.

The company carries out a number of activities, the primary objective of which is to provide continuous improvement of the efficiency of the quality management system efficiency and continuous improvement of both products and processes. This strategy enables us to meet the requirements of our customers and increase the level of their satisfaction. Furthermore, we encourage innovative solutions with our employees. Extensive investments are made to provide employee training, making sure the workplaces are held by well-qualified, competent and motivated staff who are ready to cope with even the most demanding tasks.

We follow internal and statutory rules and regulations, thus ensuring occupational health and safety for our employees.