Corporative responsibility

For DIMER company it is vital that in performing our duties, each and every one of us does so in such a way that DIMER is perceived and acknowledged as economically, enviromentally, socially and ethically responsible.

Social responsiblity

The aim of our social responsibility initiatives is to actively contribute to a sustainable development and respecting all internal and external stakeholders and their rights, as follows:

  • to employees: offering safe and good working conditions, continuously developing skills and competencies to enable the individual's satisfaction and career possibilities, offering non-discriminatory conditions.
  • to customers: ensuring safety of products and services, ensuring the reasonable pricing, respecting the claim and its efficient solving
  • to competitors: respecting the patents, avoiding the unloyal competitors
  • to local public societies: ethics behaviour to locals, donating, helping to develop the local enviroment

Besides mission, vision, values and business strategy social responsibility becomes a recognisable part of DIMER company strategy.

Dimer group Social responsiblity

Enviromental responsibility

Responsibilities for environmental care are shared throughout the DIMER Group – every employee has an important role to play. Our progress towards sustainable development is continuously monitored.

We have a firm commitment to contribute to ecologically sustainable development. Consequently we are continually striving to improve environmental care and to ensure the health and safety of people dependent upon the activities of the Group.

Dimer group Enviromental responsiblity