Company profile

Company Dimer beginnings reach back to 1995, when it was established and started its production in Zlín in Czech Republic. Since its humble beginnings and a team of few employees it has evolved in a group of 4 companies, that employs now more than 80 co-workers. This year it has spreaded its business also on Slovenian market, beside Czech and Slovak.

Dimer core business bases in production, sales, logistics and technical service of hydraulic, industrial and mechanical seals and sealing materials

We offer you:

  • sealing solutions tailored to your specifications
  • partnership from the design phase to serial production
  • just-in-time manufacturing of seals and components up to 4.000 mm diameter
  • production of industrial gaskets of any kind
  • production of advanced engineering plastics products (AEPP)

But quality is at the core of everything we do. We make every effort to deliver high quality sealing products that meet our customers‘ needs.

In DIMER GROUP we are constantly striving to enforce and improve our quality standards, since customers demand the highest quality sealing solutions to compete in their highly competitive markets.