Company Identity

Due to recent company changes we have refreshed our visual corporate identity with intention to show our expansion and modernization.

DIMER Group is strongly aware of vital importance of its employees, organizational culture, values and internal relationships. We try consistently to provide a decent, personable working condition for our employees, that involves support, challenging technical work, personal development, respectful, open communication and exchangeable knowledge.

Withing internal and external communication we express our key corporate values that unit us as a reliable, honest, progressive, teamworking and supportive corporation, both from inner and outer perspective. Expressing our values has to be permanently noticeable also to our customers, distributors and partners.

We believe that steady organizational culture helps us to increase our forces, extremely needing in competitive industry, where beside quality it's requested to be reliable, responsible and trusted business partner.


Dimer's mission is to be the notable preferred group of companies for our:

  • customers, distributors and suppliers: delivering high value products, services and knowledge-engineered solutions;
  • employees: creating a satisfying work environment where efforts are recognised, ideas valued, and individual rights respected;
  • shareholders: delivering shareholder value through sustainable earnings growth.


Dimer's vision is to be one of the most important and recognizable regional player in sealing technology with providing: stable quality, flexibility, speed, sustainability and profitability all-embraced with high ethics, empowerment, openness and teamwork.

Dimer Group Company Identity Mission

Corporate value

Dimer companies strongly believe in the relevance of corporate values as a driving force for both internal and external interests. Why we should not believe in them, if they are like a compass to help us in leading and making correct actions regarding our business plans! We can always rely on our values providing us the right answer in various and unpredictable situations: they impact on professional practice, they provide some stability in demanding business market and guide people and organization to succeed.

Dimer corporate identity is based on key and rooted values, such are:

  1. Professionalism: we act with integrity, being reliable and responsible, providing quality service.
  2. Customer service: we enjoy in serving to our customers in a a responsive and proactive way, meeting and satisfying their needs.
  3. Honesty: we maintain the highest integrity at all times.
  4. Teamwork: we work co-operatively, respect one another’s views, and make our work environment enjoyable.
  5. Excellence: we always strive for excellence and quality in everything we do.

Dimer Group Company identity corporate value