Welcome to Dimer Group

Dimer group solves your needs technically with a variety of seals and gaskets. We are a group of four companies in three different countries: Dimer s.r.o. and Dimer Engineering s.r.o. in Czech Republic, Dimer Slovakia s.r.o. in Slovakia and Dimer d.o.o. in Slovenia. Contacts for each company are placed under Contacts.

  • DIMER GROUP is a group of 4 companies

    Dimer companies are based on Czech, Slovak and Slovenian market with manufacturing and logistics center in Zlín, Czech Republic.

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  • DIMER core business

    bases in production, sales, logististics and technical service of hydraulic, industrial and mechanical seals nad sealing material. 

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  • DIMER companies are built on strong values.

    We all believe that corporate values are compass in our daily and strategic business.

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  • DIMER_Stock_List

    Stock List

    Stock List...

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  • DIMER_Graphite_ring

    Graphite rings

    Graphite rings are die formed compressed graphite rings. They  are flexible and highly impermeable to gases and liquids. Advantage of graphite rings...

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  • DIMER_Sliding_Bearings

    Sliding bearings

    Self-lubricating bushings do not require lubrication or other maintenance. Are maintenance-free and without any operating costs that is ideal for applications that...

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  • DIMER_Locking_Rings

    Locking rings

    Locking rings we are able to deliver both in standard dimensions, so according to specific customer requirements, including sample management, quality control...

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  • DIMER_Usit_Rings

    Usit rings

    USIT ring sealing ring, which is most commonly used for static sealing fittings and flange joints. It consists of the outer metal...

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  • DIMER_Repair_Sleeve_Bushing

    Repair sleeve bushings (shaft repair kit)

    Repair sleeve Bushings are used for cheap repair bad surface of the shaft. Can be also used in the new konstrukcíchtam, where...

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  • DIMER_DIMERPACK Gland Packings

    Gland packings

    The gland packings is an exceptionally reliable fluid sealing device that is simple to install and maintain. Not only it is highly...

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  • DIMER_Gasket materials_DIMERSIL

    Compressed fibre sealing materials

    Compressed fiber sealing materials are regarded as one of the widely used gasket materials due to its high temperature capabililties, chemical resistance...

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  • DIMER_Industrial gasket_Spiral wound gasket

    Spiral wound gaskets

    Spiral wound gaskets have been proved to be one of most used gaskets especially at high operating pressure and critical applications. Such...

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  • DIMER_Training_For_Customers

    Training for customers

    Training courses are available from DIMER to ensure plant maintenance personnel are up-to-date with the latest developments in sealing technology to help...

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    Insulation packings

    DIMERTERM insulation packings are intended for sealing furnaces, boilers, autoclaves and pipelines. For sealing at temperatures up to 500°C, packings from glass...

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  • DIMER_Gasket materials_DIMERGRAF

    Expanded graphite gasket materials

    Materials from expanded graphite are used for demanding sealing at high temperatures, especially in chemical and petrochemical industry. Products are made of...

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  • DIMER_Industrial gasket_Cammprofile gasket


    Grooved gaskets are excellently suited for sealing of media under extreme operating conditions, such as high operating pressures and temperatures. They combine...

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  • DIMER_SEALS_O-rings


    The O-ring is one of the most common sealing devices and is used in the most different applications. The design is unique...

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  • DIMER_Problem_Solving_Assistance

    Problem solving assistance

    The technical team by DIMER's technical team is available for solving problems when and where the need arises. This includes the selection...

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  • DIMER_DIMERTEX_Insulation textile

    Industrial textile

    DIMERTEX industrial textile, such as e.g. fabrics, inflatable curtains, protective blankets and similar, is used as fireproof protection, but also for insulation...

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  • DIMER_Gasket materials_DIMERFLON

    Filled PTFE

    Filled PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is a sealing material to be used for sealing in chemically challenging conditions and in food industry. In comparison...

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  • DIMER_Industrial gasket_Metal jacketed gasket

    Metal jacketed gaskets

    Metal jacketed gaskets are particularly suitable for sealing the flat surfaces of heat exchangers, gas pipes, cast iron flanges, and autoclaves and...

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  • DIMER_Mechanical_Seal_Repair_Service

    Mechanical seal repair services

    DIMER offers mechanical seal repair services on most seals from all seal manufacturers including but not limited to John Crane, Flowserve, Chesterton,...

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  • DIMER_Gasket materials_DIMERFLON 20

    Expanded PTFE

    Expanded PTFE is a sealing agent that is made of 100-percent pure PTFE. The expansion process produces a microporous fibrous structure which...

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  • DIMER_Industrial gasket_Ring joint gasket

    Ring joint gaskets

    Ring joint gaskets are solid metal gaskets and are used with stand high pressure and temperature, and they are employed where corrosive...

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  • DIMER_ SEALS_Hydrualic seals

    Hydraulic seals

    Hydraulic seals are intended to be used in hydraulic cylinders with reciprocating movements, mainly in industrial applications. The main tasks of the...

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  • DIMER_Gasket materials_DIMERFLON ST-U

    Semi finished products from PTFE

    Dimer offers various products made of high quality PTFE semi-finished products. PTFE is a high quality organic material with the following characteristics:...

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  • DIMER_Industrial gasket_Corrugated gasket

    Corrugated gaskets

    The gasket consists of a stainless steel wave stainless steel plate with a graphite foil seal seat on both sides. The graphite...

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  • DIMER_Industrial gasket_Non-metallic flat flang

    Non-metalic flat flange gaskets

    Non-metallic flat gaskets are the most typical static gaskets. They are used in large number by various industries and in a variety...

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  • DIMER_Industrial gaskets_PTFE enveloped

    PTFE enveloped gaskets

    An insertion is made from a soft material, corrugated stainless steel or rubber and then enveloped with virgin PTFE. PTFE enveloped gaskets...

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  • DIMER_Special_Gasket

    Special gaskets

    DIMER  with its own technology, knowledge and experience is capable to meet various customer needs. In close co-operation with customers the company...

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  • DIMER_Packings and insulation_DIMERBOARD

    Insulating millboard

    DIMERBOARD are a series of high density, rigid board products,  suitable for a variety of heat resistant and industrial sealing applications. DIMERBOARD...

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  • DIMER_Pneumatic_Seals

    Pneumatic seals

    DIMER supplies a number of seals specifically engineered for pneumatic applications, where cylinders and valves are actuated by air. Pneumatic seals operate...

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  • DIMER_SEALS_Rotary shaft seals

    Rotary shaft seals

    Radial shaft seals (RSS) are used between rotating and stationary machine components or between two components in relative motion and consist of...

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  • Application engineering & consulting

    The DIMER Application Engineering and Consulting Project Team helps to find the right sealing solution for specific customer projects. ...

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ACHEMA 2015, Frankfurt / Main, 15 – 19.6.


DIMER as the exhibitior on the international exhibition of chemistry tehcnology, enviromental protection and biotechnology. You are kindly invited to visit us in ACHEMA 2015. We are staying in Hall 9.1 / C71.  ...
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